Direct seek and selection of employees
We are so called head-hunters – consultants conversant in direct direct seeking of human candidates for middle and higher management but also specialist’s positions. Of course we are not the classical head-hunters, people deliverers – but we are also advisors during your decision making about the suitable candidate and we will help you with the most effective adaptation of new member of your crew.
Assessment center/Development center
Motivation and effectiveness 
Every human has motivation, every human has reason why to do what is he/she doing. Motivation brings performance and performance brings more motivation. We will help you identify views of your people and we will direct them towards motivation, which is beneficial for individual, team and company.
Recruitment of clients’ abilities
Let’s admit it – excellent leaders are excellent from the reason that they are able to surround themselves with excellent, talented people. Low decision making in the field of recruiting, caused by insufficient interview abilities, cost a lot of financial resources. And we want to intercept it…
Outplacement – both individual and group
Seeking new job, new vision or new aim are processes, ways. Our aim is to successfully guide participant of the program through this life stage and help him think about things that can meet him on this way. Our highly professional coaches, trainers and experienced consultants can lead You on the way. You will obtain care and know-how from many professionals but, what is more important, this people will help you discover, release and develop skills, capabilities, talent and potential of every participant of the program.