Scott & Hagget is exclusive partner of British company TACK International, which, for more than five decades, develops know-how and in form of training programs provides practical tools/skills for professionals. 

Scott & Hagget is focused mostly on serviceability, interactivity and positive approach during the training. Well set participants’ to training and their perception of it are key premises which decide how much will participants gain and use in practice.

Active involvement 
Themes are presented in short exercises followed by constructive feedback and discussion.
Interactive and positive approach
Sharing experience and ideas, searching and testing new abilities in varied situations.
Positive confrontation 
We can’t not communicate, we communicate constantly. We can only avoid communication. Aim of positive confrontation is realization of his/her behavior and its impact on the surroundings. 
KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) concept
Presented know/how is passed so the participants are able to use it at the latest the second day after training.
Every behavior is useful in some context/situation 
Every behavior is useful in some context. During the training we develop participants’ flexibility in terms of behavior and by that we increase his potential in given context. And more potential in given context/situation is always better than limited quantity. 
Action plan
At the end of each training day the participants covenant themselves to use by them chosen key/interesting/important abilities in practice.
Every next training day starts with sharing experiences gained in practice.